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Auto Ship Program
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Auto Ship Program - USA and Canada
Catalog > Auto Ship Program - USA and Canada
Auto Ship Program - USA and Canada
#AutoShip Auto Ship Program - USA and Canada

Never miss another release!  Sign up for our Auto Ship Program and receive FREE SHIPPING for Continental United States and Canada! (FIRST CLASS SHIPPING) (if you are 'international" shipping and interested in our auto ship program, please message me with your country so I can see if FREE shipping is an option we can offer to you as well)

To purchase you MUST CHECK OUT with option of CREDIT CARD and NOT PAYPAL.. if you choose paypal, we can not process your orders each month.

Tentative Shipping Schedule

(we reserve the right to change this at any time, if a release needs to be pushed back)

Release Tentative Shipping Date
January      January 2, 2017
February January 30, 2017
March February 27, 2017
April April 3, 2017
May May 1, 2017
June June 5, 2017
July July 3, 2017
August July 31, 2017
September September 4, 2017
October October 2, 2017
November October 30, 2017
December December 4, 2017

Cancellation Policy

If at any time you are unable with Auto Ship, you may cancel at any time.  Please make sure to email us ahead of the Shipping date for the month you plan to cancel in.  If shipping has already been dispatched, you have the right to return unused stamps (at your own expense) for a full refund.

*By PURCHASING today, please note your card will NOT be charged.  Billing will occur when shipping is being processed.*

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