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DT Call

Stamp AnnieThing is looking for enthusiastic, talented and friendly designers to join in on our Design Team!

(PS we are the sister company to SvgCuttingFiles.com and our sentiment stamps work WONDERFULLY with some of our cut file designs, if you are not into COLORING stamps!!)


Deadline February 15, 2013
We have limited spots available, so please make sure to send in your BEST work to stand out from the rest!
Please read the GUIDELINES below so you know what would be expected of you if you are chosen to join the Stamp AnnieThing DT Crew!
(Submit your application at the bottom of the page!)

Design Team Responsibilities
Since we are a start up company and just establishing a Design Team, the following guidelines are just that: GUIDELINES for what we hope to accomplish.  We may change things around as we grow and find what works best for us.

  • Good pictures will make your projects look their best.  Please ensure that your photos are clear and the entire project is visible in the photo.
  • When posting your project (blog, facebook, twitter, etc)  please include a link back to Stamp AnnieThing in the body of your post.
  • When creating your projects please limit the use of other company’s products. We understand the need to use other companies products to enhance a project, but since we are trying to promote Stamp AnnieThing, we need to make sure the main focus of the project is using one of our products.
  • Please check in with FB group often, as this is where all information and updates will be posted. (link will be provided upon approval to DT area)
  • We are working as a TEAM, so please be helpful to all with any questions, suggestions for feedback.  We can always allow for room to grow.....
  • Think out of the box.  Our fans will want to see different ways to make things using our products, so if you have a brilliant idea to make something other then your normal style...GO FOR IT!
  • Depending on the number of DT we accept will set the pace for how many projects will be required of you.  At this time, we would like for WEEKLY submissions, but since we are limited in product, that would mean, creating new projects using several of the images or sentiments to create projects.  Most of our stamps contain multiple images and sentiments, so you may be required to color the same image more than once, changing the sentiment to make it a new project.  More of how many projects are expected will follow once the DT is established.

  • Since we are a start up company, we are 'gifting' the stamps to you on GOOD FAITH that you will follow our guides and create multiple projects with our stamps.  We will provide a 'store credit' for you to use, so yo can pick and choose which stamps you wish to work with.  
  • You will be assigned a day of the week for your deadline (see more info below in Deadlines section)
  • Upon completion of your completed project, you can request your next stamp set(s) 

  • It is the DT's responsibility to get their project in on time.  There will be a schedule, so there should be NO QUESTION on when your due date is.  
  • All creations should be emailed to sales@svgcuttingfiles.com at least TWO days prior to your due date or posted directly to our BLOG for your scheduled day.
  • Meeting design deadlines is important to be a successful DT member.  When a DT signs up, we ask for your committment level.  We do not PUSH for more than what you originally agreed to supply.  However, we do know that LIFE happens, and there will be times that you are not able to make your deadline.  We ask that you PLEASE give us as much notice as possible if you are not going to make a deadline, so we can have another fill in or make other arrangements.  
  • Vacations or other time off?  Not a problem.  Please let us know as soon as you do when you need time off.  We can either get due dates to you SUPER SUPER early so you can create before you leave, or we can find a temporary fill in for you during your absence!
  • We would like to include AS MUCH information as possible about your project.  Please make sure to include any vital information in with your design (ie:Stamp image and sentiment from www.StampAnniething.com, papers from suchandsuchstore.com, etc) Providing the information allows others to recreate and get the same look/feel as you did when making their projects!   We BELIEVE in CROSS PROMOTIONS!

    Not only do we allow this, WE ENCOURAGE IT!
    If you need to make extra income and want to sell your finished project for profit, then by all means, do so!
    All we ask, if you sell on eBay, Etsy, or any other marketplace, that you make sure to credit Stamp AnnieThing in your listings as a source for the stamps.  

    Our DT will run for 6 months.  At the end of your 6 month stint, we will open up a DT Call for new members. Updating a DT is imperative for a business to flourish to get new and fresh ideas out to the public, and we feel a 6 month term is just the right amount of time.  We THANK you for kindly understanding this.
    If you ever need to resign from the design team BEFORE the 6 months is up, please give us a timely notice so we can open up the DT to find your replacement. YOU WILL be required to have completed some projects, since you have the stamps at your disposal.  
    Immediate removal from our DT will result if we find you to be sharing or selling our stamps or if you have missed more then 15% of your deadlines in your 6 month period.
    Stamp AnnieThing reserves the right to remove you from the DT at anytime without notice.  

    Gotta admit, this is my LEAST favorite part to do, BUT ITS THE MOST IMPORTANT!
    I am not a Facebook, blog, or twitter girl.  I dont really get into the whole social networking aspect (mainly because I am creating!)...but its a NECESSARY part of the business.
    It WILL be necessary for you to help promote the site and our stamps.  If you own a Facebook account, we do NOT expect you to blow up your personal page with our products, but we DO ask you to  post on OUR fanpage. If you think your friends and family would be interested in what we do, then by all means, post on your own personal pages too! 

    When posting (facebook, twitter, pinterest, etc) please make sure you LINK your project to the actual product in our store.  Makes it easier for a customer to find it! If you do not have a project that day to post, we ask that you still participate on your 'off' days and comment and tweet on your fellow DT members projects, as well as any fans too! All it takes is a few words,  like NICE JOB to accomplish this. :) 

    If you do not Facebook or Twitter, but have a BLOG instead, we ask you to do the same (post and link to the actual product page in our store) OR you can link to our Fan page of the finished designs of your fellow DT. 

    Help spread the word about our Facebook page to your friends, family and fellow crafters as much as possible. This will aid in our success, and in turn benefit you as well. 

    Still Interested?

    sign up before our deadline of Feburary 15, 2013
    Then submit an application to see if you make the cut!
    Please have the following information:
  • Full name, Address, Phone Number and Email Address
  • Date of Birth (year not necessary!)
  • Links to your Blog, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Etsy, etc pages... (so we can follow and LIKE you too!)
  • Submit 3-5 photo samples of your work. Please make sure at least 1-2 submitted are using a Stamp AnnieThing product (don't have any? email us to get a sample DIGITAL version of some artwork)
  • Tell us in a paragraph, why you want to work with Stamp AnnieThing.
  • If you are on any other design teams, please let us know about those as well. 
  • applynow
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