Terms of Use

The stamps sold on our site are with the intent they are to be used for HANDSTAMPING only.  All images portrayed in the stamps solely remain the copyright of owner Annie Kelly (Ann Marie Kelly) and Stamp AnnieThing. 

  • You may sell finished items from what you make with our products within limits of no more than 100 items per calendar year.  
  • You may not use our stamps, for mass producing. 
  • You may not use these images for any reason without written permission. 
  • We would LOVE to see your finished projects on social media, message boards and blogs BUT Please make sure when doing so you do not post any black and white versions of the stamped images, it MUST be your finished colored image only.
By checking the TERMS  box at checkout, you are agreeing to: 
•  NOT resell/rent our stamps on ANY  internet site or through ANY catalogs.
•  That you have read and understand our usage terms 
•  That you have read and understand that you may NOT stamp an image and upload it so others can get it in digital format.
Angel Policy

We welcome crafters to use our products to create handmade cards for sale with the following guidelines:

  • Our images may not be digitally altered or reproduced.
  • Our images may not be used for logos, trademarks, or any promotional materials.
  • Stamped images and die cuts may not be sold.
  • We do not allow stamped images or die cuts to be swapped or distributed.

Our Angel Policy is in place to ensure that our intellectual property is protected.  The best way to gauge whether your use of the product conforms to our Angel Policy is to consider the following: If your item is being sold as a finished product to a non-crafter, you are likely in compliance with our Angel Policy.  If your item is being sold as a stand-alone product to a crafter, for the purpose of use in their products, this is against our Angel Policy.