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2019 stamp file folder insert sheets

2019 stamp file folder insert sheets

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These inserts are perfect for sorting and storing your stamps in mini file folders. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to an organized stamp collection. This bundle includes the 36 inserts for the 2019 line.

This collection includes:

Aaron Uken Do It
Annie Hot Diggity Dog
Anthony You Got a Friend in Need
Anubis Eternally Grateful
Bridget Hang Loose Today
Brooke Yodelay Heehoo
Cleopatra Worship Our Friendship
Diana Witching You the Best
Emma Today Revolves Around You
Ethan You are Outta this World
Frankie Just Stating the Facts
Hayley You are so Chic
Jeannie Make a Wish
Kelly Merci Beaucoup
Kimmie I’m So Jazzed
Krissy Just Chill
Lana Aloha
Leah Shoot for the Stars
Liberty You Rev My Engine
Louise Okay Okay
Louise It’s No Mystery
Maggie Get Well Soon
Michelle I Will Never Tire of You
Mitchell Surfs Up
Mummy Love You to Death
Nigel I Detect
Norma Jean You’re Iconic
Oliver Braces
Peter and Rae
Pharoah / Sphinx I Love You
Rae I Think You’re Pretty Neato
Sam Be Mine
Sierra You’ve Got Style
Stephen It’s Like you were created just for me
William you Drive me Wild
Zac you are Spec-tacular

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